Manufacturing Industry in Mexico

Mexico’s strategic location, excellent connectivity, and long history of openness to trade have made it the top choice in North America for international companies looking to expand their operations to areas with competitive costs and market access. Now, with the entering into force of the new USMCA and companies looking to diversify their supply chains, Mexico is prepared for a boom in nearshore and offshore manufacturing for exporters from North American and around the world.
If you are looking to lower costs and expand or move your operations, an option to consider is setting up manufacturing services in Mexico. The five different models international companies in Mexico can use to start up operations are:

Though companies can use several legal frameworks when establishing manufacturing operations in Mexico, working under the shelter system is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get started and take advantage of competitive Mexico labor rates for most businesses. Setting up under the shelter system eliminates the risk and lowers the investment of time and money this process implies compared to the other legal frameworks available, such as establishing a stand-alone operation, finding a joint venture partnership, or acquiring an existing operation.

There are several shelter companies in Mexico who offers advice and shelter administrative services for foreign companies seeking to produce and distribute from Mexico

Expanding your business operations to foreign territories can be a daunting task, especially when faced with administrative challenges, regulatory complexities, and the need to establish a strong local presence. However, Mexico presents a favorable environment for foreign companies seeking to produce and distribute their products. In this web, we will explore the invaluable support provided by shelter companies in Mexico, which offer expert advice and comprehensive administrative services to streamline the process of setting up and operating a business in the country.

manufacturing industry in mexico

Shelter companies guide and execute industrial manufacturing projects in Mexico in the best way, taking advantage of its strategic geographic location

Mexico’s geographical location provides advantages at the manufacturing level that very few countries have, in addition to being a member of one of the largest trade agreements currently in the world, such as the USMCA. Take advantage of its virtues such as qualified labor, significant savings in the industrial installation, proximity to the US and a huge and very active border in the flow of raw materials, equipment, machinery, in addition to the existence of tax incentives and obtaining quality standards. Shelter companies take care of the administrative procedures and the rapprochement with the Mexican government in an effective way so that in record time, even in nine weeks, any manufacturing industry begins to operate in Mexican territory. They take care of the administrative and management requirements. They will give you the best options to take advantage of the low tariff charges and payment of taxes in general that the Mexican federal government offers, such as IMMEX itself, as well as the advantages given by local governments to produce and manufacture in their localities.

Shelter companies make their highly qualified personnel and industrial spaces available to consolidate the manufacturing in Mexico of renowned clients

manufacturing industry in mexico
American Industries, one of the main industrial developers has achieved recognition such as Socially Responsible Company. They have the endorsement of diverse and renowned companies such as Continental, Goodyear, Federal Mogul, Honeywell, LEGO, Emerson, BOSCH, among many others. The manufacturing industry in Mexico reaches high levels of production in sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, creation of digital technology, medical and health research, electronics, textiles, accessories, electronics, refrigeration, among others.

Shelter companies will give you the best options to install and develop your production center in Mexican territory

They offer services such as: consulting, administrative services, leasing and development of industrial parks in Guadalajara, Chihuahua, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Juárez, Monterrey, among others. Their experts will indicate the most strategic places to grow in the manufacturing industry in Mexico with the best and most profitable results. Ask about advisory programs to reshore, offshore or nearshore manufacturing that your company can benefit from, by optimizing resources with high profit margins.
We are experiencing a very important growth in the manufacturing industry in Mexico, take advantage of it and have shelter companies as your best advisor and companion.