Shelter Services in Mexico

Shelter Services in Mexico: Helping Companies Save Big

Operating in Mexico can provide significant cost savings for manufacturing companies, and the key to successful operations lies in partnering with shelter services companies. These firms specialize in lightening the administrative burden for companies seeking to manufacture, produce, distribute, or provide services in Mexico. By outsourcing these tasks, companies can focus their resources on increasing productivity while enjoying the benefits of lower costs.

Comprehensive Packages for All Industries

Shelter services in Mexico offer comprehensive packages that take care of every aspect of setting up operations in the country. These services include human resources and personnel administration, customs requirements (both for export and import), accounting and fiscal requirements, security and administrative support, coordination of transportation and merchandise storage, assistance for foreign personnel working in Mexico, and close contact with clusters, business allies, support companies, and government agencies at all levels. They also conduct extensive research to help clients select the ideal sites for their production centers and offer continuous advisory services on labor requirements, environmental obligations, customs compliance, and more.

Infrastructure in Real Estate and Industrial Parks

One of the key advantages of contracting with shelter services in Mexico is their extensive infrastructure in real estate and industrial parks. American industries in this sector offer an unparalleled selection of spaces and industrial buildings that exceed 17 million square feet. Their buildings are categorized as Class A, and they have developed 17 industrial parks in strategic locations throughout Mexico. They continue to design and create infrastructure to meet the needs of companies planning to set up operations in the country. Their highly trained team is always available to answer any questions about their services.
By partnering with shelter services companies in Mexico, businesses can enjoy cost savings and focus on productivity while leaving the administrative burden to the experts. With comprehensive packages and top-notch infrastructure, these firms are the ideal allies for companies seeking success in Mexico.