American Industries is one of the best advisors regarding the IMMEX program which, if used correctly, will provide you with substantial savings as a productive foreign company in Mexico

Any foreign company that plans to operate with its manufacturing, production or services in mexican territory must be aware of the existence of the IMMEX program, a tool that represents a competitive advantage for foreign investors in Mexico, which grants substantial savings when installing work centers or operation.

IMMEX is a very attractive incentive given by the Mexican government for companies seeking to operate from Mexico and which is best used by having a shelter company

manufacturing industry in mexico
The IMMEX program was created in Mexico in 2006 with the aim of attracting more investment by allowing foreign companies established in Mexican territory to temporarily import the goods necessary to be used in industrial processes or of services intended for the transformation, repair or processing of goods of foreign origin destined to be exported without the temporary payment of taxes, either by remission or deferral, such as added value or compensatory costs. This clearly represents a very important incentive, representing significant savings to companies seeking to manufacture, produce or distribute in Mexico and shelter companies can help you to get the most out of IMMEX by speeding up the arrival and adaptation of more emporiums.

Leave your entry into the IMMEX program in the hands of a shelter company and get to know in depth the industrial goods to which it applies

The IMMEX program grants the greatest benefits to companies that have an ally in terms of shelter. They assume all the documentation, compliance with requirements, ordering of paperwork to be part of the program hand in hand with their clients and maximize their operating savings upon arrival in Mexico. By not having an adequate shelter service, you run the risk of not being enrolled in the program itself, or not getting the most out of it. The temporary non-payment of taxes applies to the importation of raw materials, spare parts, components, fuels and lubricants, materials, containers, shipping boxes, machinery, tools, equipment, telecommunications or computer devices, mainly. Get to know more about the IMMEX program and enjoy the privileges it offers when installing your production process in Mexico seeking for a major export.