Offshore manufacturing

Shelter companies rely on all their experience and resources available for clients to develop its offshore manufacturing strategy in Mexican territory

The offshore strategy for many companies represents savings in production, labor, logistics, facilities, offices. The shelter companies work to consolidate successful operations in countries like Mexico. They advise and accompany with their qualified personnel the arrival in Mexico where the relocation of processes become agile and smooth in terms of compliance with requirements and procedures. They have coverage in the cities and regions with the greatest economic boom, in addition to proposing the strategic location according to the sectors and supply chain of their clients.

Shelter companies guarantee processes of a few weeks to establish offshore operations in Mexico

The transfer of part of the production or services to Mexican territory within the offshoring concept is one of the specializations of shelter companies, achieving operations of all kinds in a few weeks. They focus on obtaining better results and substantial savings for their clients operations in Mexican territory. They help with the administrative functions of the companies offshoring their operations. Shelter companies support cover the needs require and development plans in Mexico based in their strategy: production, manufacturing, sales, research, technology development, customer service, among others.

Savings in labor, greater specialized production and expansion into new markets, are some advantages offered by offshore manufacturing in Mexico in the hands of shelter companies

They will provide guidance within the offshore manufacturing model on the most viable options for outsourcing personnel and specialized services. Shelter companies offer infrastructure, personnel, presence throughout the Mexican territory and sufficient industrial real estate solutions to take advantage of the conditions offered by Mexico to develop the offshoring strategy. Beyond the advantages of operating in Mexico, reflected in considerable savings in labor, other benefits are expansion into new markets, qualified labor and increased production.
Bringing your offshore manufacturing strategy to a successful establishment in Mexico is possible with the support given by shelter companies.